Premier High School - Houston (Gallery Furniture North)

Who We Are

At Premier High School - Houston (Gallery Furniture North), the success of our students is what matters most. Some students need a new opportunity, while others seek an individualized educational approach that is not offered by traditional schools. Whether a student has fallen behind or simply wants to get ahead, our true learner-based environment is designed to ensure that they learn and succeed.
Premier High School Students

Our Program

We offer students the opportunity to earn a diploma away from the overcrowded high school setting. We offer a self-directed academic program that allows you to work toward a diploma at your own pace. Our schedules allow you to have a balance between family and work life.


Welcome to Premier High School - Houston (Gallery Furniture North)! At Premier High School - Houston (Gallery Furniture North), students learn the skills they need to land a meaningful career after graduation. Our partnership with Houston area business leaders helps guide the curriculum and ensures our students gain the essential transferable skills they will need in the workforce. Apprenticeship opportunities are also available as students work to earn a diploma. For more information on Premier High School Work Texas at Gallery Furniture, please visit
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Jill Wright 
Campus Director 


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